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Sex Conversations: 100 Questions to Guide Christian Couples Toward Deeper Intimacy

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Having open and brutally honest conversations about sex can be intimidating.

Great intimacy requires vulnerability. It requires working through your differences and disagreements for the purpose of drawing even closer together. 

That's why having a list of question to guide you through those tough conversations is so necessary. 

Don't let your marriage go on for YEARS without having these raw and authentic conversations about sex. 

Inside of this guide you'll discuss questions like: 

Question 8: Are there any sexual experiences from your past you still need to heal from?

Question 16: What things do I do that are total turn offs to you?

Question 28: When you hear the word “orgasm” what comes to mind?

Question 55: What is the most erotic thing you can imagine us doing together?

Question 77: How can we pull together and be open hearted even when we’re upset?

Work through this guide with your spouse one question at a time. Take your time and seek outside help if you come to a question that you can't agree on. This is your opportunity to grow and change. 

Keep an OPEN HEART toward your spouse. 

Grab the guide and dig in!